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Greetings Colleagues,

I will offer periodic blogs to keep you updated on the work of the NASPA 2012 planning committee.

Planning for NASPA 2012 in Phoenix is now at full speed.  The planning committee is excited as we pursue the work of our group.  As we approach our planning we are aware of the awesome responsibility we have to provide experiences that educate, stimulate thinking, engage passions, encourage consciousness and forward the values of NASPA and the student affairs profession.  We will rely upon input and feedback from members of our Association as we construct the conference ā€“ your voices will help us to identify meaningful experiences, ensure that we are aware of issues that most concern you, and that the conference responds to contemporary and future issues facing higher education and our planet.

The 2012 planning team is keenly aware of the concerns some of our members continue to have about our conference being held in Arizona.  We are committed to doing all we can to create space and experiences within the conference for education, social action, awareness raising and other forms of engagement.  We encourage our members to use the program submission process to propose programs, roundtables, poster sessions and pre-conference workshops so that you can contribute to the dynamic conference experience we aspire to offer.  I also ask that you offer me any specific suggestions you have for how we can ensure that our presence in Phoenix adds value for you as a member, as well as the community of Phoenix.

As educators the most powerful tool we have at our disposal is education.  As we know education is not just an activity of the mind ā€“ true education touches the soul and spirit, awakens consciousness, inspires action, and arouses the heart.  We strive to offer a truly profound educational experience.  Please join us as we show who we are as an Association and what we stand for as professionals as we demonstrate our commitment to Ignite Leadership Influence Change in Phoenix.

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3 Responses to Join the conversation

  1. Eric Stoller says:

    Looking forward to reading future posts. Love that you’re blogging.

  2. Are you offering an pre or post activities, such as tours to the Grand Canyon etc?

    Leonardo A. Gem

  3. Francisco Dorame says:

    Why Arizona? Unfortunately, I feel strongly about providing any financial support to a state that promotes and encourages racism, stereotyping, and prejudice legislation. As an educator and administrator I cannot support attending NASPA’s conference which is typically a culturally sensitive, understanding, and well educated organization. However, they really missed on this one. I hope for better decision making in the future from the “leaders of tomorrow.”

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