What Do You Value?

Each of us has issues about which we feel deeply. For some it may be a passion for justice or deep feelings about the power and potential of education. Some of us have beliefs rooted in the spiritual realm and the power of the sacred. Whatever the origins or nature of our beliefs, for most of us our beliefs form the infrastructure of our character and represent the cornerstone of our soul. Our beliefs are what propel us to act with courage, to engage most deeply with the world and other living beings. When we are in touch with our beliefs we are most fully alive and most open to unleashing our humanity.

What do you believe or value most fervently? How would you express those values and beliefs to others who are sharing this journey through life with you – others like you who are in search of her/his better self? If you were given just five minutes to express to others what you believe, what would you share? How would you share?

This year as part of the 2012 NASPA Annual Conference we will provide just such an opportunity. We will offer a session titled “NASPA Values: Purposeful Sharing,” during which conference attendees will have the opportunity, in whatever format they can be most expressive, to share their beliefs; some will share in spoken word, some through song, others may select poetry.

Soon information will be available for how participants can request to participate. So consider participating or encourage colleagues who you would like to hear from to sign up. At the very least come to support and experience the power of our colleagues.

Likely the tumultuous climate in our country and around our world have challenged your beliefs or caused you to get more profoundly in touch with your feelings. What beliefs have come to the surface? If you had your five minutes what would you say? Trust me, others and I would love to hear.

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