Purposeful Sharing

The 2012 conference is offering a unique program in which you are invited to share your thoughts about something important to you.  This is an important and relevant opportunity for colleagues to share values, beliefs, and ideals in-person, at a microphone, for up to five minutes during an afternoon session at the national conference in Arizona.

Imagine listening to about 25 colleagues each with their own story, place in history, and perspective eloquently and creatively sharing in an uninterrupted manner what they believe about something important to them, and probably in some way – important to you.

We invite you to extract yourself from the daily onslaught of information and messages you are receiving, slow down, pause, and develop a thoughtful reflection about your personal philosophies and core values in the context of a particular topic you wish to address.  A reflection that intersects with the conference theme, Ignite Leadership Influence Change, may be intuitive and won’t hurt.  The list of possible topics about which to share is endless.

  • What do you believe and why?
  • What causes you the greatest concern for students today?
  • What socio-political or human rights issue are you most attentive to right now? Why?
  • What prompts you to act and influence change? Why?
  • What is your experience in the world today?  Why is it important for others to hear it?
  • What is the most beneficial, life-affirming work you have done recently? Why?
  • What is your call to action?  Why?
  • What do you celebrate and affirm?  Why?

We will benefit from this opportunity to listen to each other.  Just as we seek inspiration or greater clarity about our own beliefs or practices from our plenary and featured speakers, we can seek this from than our immediate colleagues as well.  I am frequently motivated, provoked or touched by the actions or perspectives of those in my closest circles.  I am eager to hear from you, and I plan to take advantage of the opportunity to nominate some individuals from whom I would particularly like to hear.  I hope you will too.

Given the talent and passion rampant in our profession we anticipate great diversity in the proposals – ranging from a prepared reflection or song to slam poetry or a small group expression.   The Call for Programs is forthcoming with a submission deadline of January 20, 2012.  If you have questions, please contact Tonantzin Oseguera or Will Simpkins, Coordinating Presenters and members of the 2012 Program Committee.

We want to hear from YOU!

Wendy Endress, 2012 NASPA Conference Program Committee Chair and Executive Associate to the Vice President for Student Affairs, The Evergreen State College

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